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Veterinary fees in this area of England have gone up considerably in even the last six years since I moved here and will no doubt continue to go up in line with the additional expectations that are placed on a modern small animal practice. Advances in diagnostics such as ‘in house’ blood machines allow vets to work up a case more fully and more quickly than was previously possible but also add to the practice costs and are therefore factored in to the fee structure. Modern veterinary medicines are considerably more advanced than they were a decade ago and each year new better drugs come on to the market. Many of these drugs are more expensive than the previously available drugs but bring great value in terms of their efficacy and safety so it is only appropriate that we use these where indicated to treat your pet in the best way open to us.


Having said that, at Terrington Veterinary Centre we aim to keep our fees as low as possible and in line with other practices in the area. Below are a number of commonly requested fees should you wish to know for comparison purposes. All prices are current as of opening and are INCLUDING vat at the current rate

Terrington Veterinary Centre Fees

There is a huge number of things that can be listed but there is little point unless relevant to you. If you are interested to know a price please ask at the practice or ring us. Non standard operations are only estimated for by the veterinary surgeon and only after an examination of the animal concerned.


Quotes and Estimates


For neutering and certain other fixed cost operations we can quote an all in fixed price which will not alter no matter what we encounter. Other operations are done on an estimated basis and by this we mean we will give you an estimate on our best guess if all goes to plan. However, every operation on every animal is different and thus this will change a little from case to case. If we discover something that we were not expecting before the operation that will increase the price over the quotation by more than 10% then we will always stop and ring you before we proceed further. For this and many other reasons please make sure your contact numbers are correct

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  • Cat/dog Consultation - £23.50

  • Cat/Dog revisits - £15- £19

  • Cat/dog Minimal revisit -  £12

  • Rabbit or Guinea Pig Consultation -  £21

  • Nail clip from £7.30

  • Kitten Vaccination inc.Felv £25.90 each (two needed 3w apart)

  • Cat Booster Vaccination Flu Only - £18.95

  • Cat Booster Full Vaccination inc. Felv -  £30

  • Puppy Vaccinations- £20 each (two needed 3-5w apart)

  • Dog Booster Vaccination - £24.50

  • Dog Booster inc. Kennel Cough - £42

  • Dog Vaccination Rabies - £34.50

  • Rabbit Vaccinations- Combined Myx & VHD vaccination - £24.50

  • General Anaesthetic Cat/dog - £72 - £120

  • Cat Spay - £45

  • Cat Castration -  £30

  • Dog Castration - £90 - £145.00 (Weight dependent: Toy -Giant)

  • Dog Bitch Spay - £120.00 - £240.00 (Weight dependent: Toy -Giant)

  • Microchip Cats/Dogs - £15

  • Out of Hours Vet Surcharge: From £63

  • Prescription charges £8.90 and £4.76 for subsquent medication for same animal at same time


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