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Vet Home Visits

Being a small practice we do try to limit the number of house visits we do so as to maximise the time spent seeing other clients at the practice premises. Many peoples initial response to seeing a seriously ill pet is to call the vet out to see the animal in the home. The trouble with this is that by the time the vet finds your home, valuable time is often lost and even then most seriously ill patients will simply be taken back to the practice as treatment and diagnostics in the home is impractical. To this end we would ask that unless an owner themselves is disabled or where a large animal is collapsed and it is not possible to get it to the surgery, that you make every effort to bring the animal in for treatment.


The only exception to this is where the owner wishes the animal to be put to sleep at home. In that case we are coming out for a pre-defined purpose and can carry this out appropriately in the home if requested to do so.

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